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 After several years of speculation, it looks like China is at

 After several years of speculation, it looks like China is at last in the process of implementing a real estate investment trust (REIT) regime. While property developers and investors, who have eagerly been awaiting the introduction of domestic REITs in the PRC, are hailing these recent pronouncements, many questions remain, including the time frame for introduction and, more important, what the regulatory framework will look like. REIT regimes vary significantly among jurisdictions around the world.

 REITs China 2012 on 21st  Feb Shanghai  will gather 200+  Senior Executives from Accounting Firm , Law Firm , Banking ,Developer ,Consulting company,Government Body , all the attendees hold the title of General Manager, CEO ,VP Director ,Executive Director and Partner to discuss following topics .

l   Current status and future development of global REITs in China

l   Comparison and reference of Asian REITs market

l   Investment and superiority of investing in REITs

l  Promoting listed transaction system in stock exchange

l  Integrated legal system to promote development of REITs

l  Analysis and reference of taxation structure from US and European market

l  Introduction of REITs Structure

l  Setting up Chinese REIT: low-rent housing

How to invest in Commercial real estate REITs