Digital Assets Report

Industry experts explain what ideas the buy side can steal from the sell side in mitigation of various risk types, especially counterparty risk in building a better risk management program

Topics include:
Enterprise Risk Management – what does this actually mean? Is an ERM plan feasible and if so, what would such a strategy look like for an investment manager or hedge fund? What are some of the better tools to view risks across all risk types (credit, market, liquidity risk) firms can utilize to build a better risk program?
Risk Management Differences – what is the difference between risk management for the buy side and sell side? What can the buy side learn from the sell side in establish a better risk management program?
Regulation – what risk related procedures will be enforced by regulators in both the US and Europe? How can buy side firms ensure they comply with new rules?
Best practice in Credit Risk and Management of Counterparty exposures? How should buy side firms be improving their credit risk management post crisis? What are some ways investment managers are improvement management of counterparty risks?
Risk Management & Collateral Management – how to improve integration of counterparty risk management and collateral management? How are investment managers improving related processes such as reconciliation?
Improving Management of Market Risk – how can investment managers improving monitoring of market risks?
Operational Challenges in Developing a Risk Program – what are the main challenges in risk management rebuilds? How are firms managing data management and integration of systems and department communication?
Target audience
buy-side and sell-side financial institutions and third party service providers including:
investment banks
broker dealers
asset management companies
hedge funds
fund administrators & custodian banks
software vendors
We will target financial institutions from both North America and Europe.
Job titles
 Middle and Senior Management – v.p., s.v.p., managers and directors within the areas of:
Derivatives operations
Derivatives technology (IT)
Front office operations
Middle and back office operations
Collateral management
Clearing and settlement
Legal and documentation
Fund administration & accounting
Project manager
Business development
Risk management