Digital Assets Report

The US regulatory agenda has a significant impact upon EU asset managers and investment advisors.
This timely conference brings together leading US regulators, legal advisors and regulated firms. Expert speakers will examine how unfolding US legislation affects the business affairs of EU firms with US clients – or those firms doing business in the US.

7 Key Benefits of Attending:
• SEC Hot Topics
• CFTC Regulation
• Focus on Senior Management
• Regulation of Money Market Funds
• Challenges of FATCA Compliance
• JOBS Act
• Rule 506 'Bad Actor' Requirements
A Timely Opportunity for European Fund Managers to Engage First Hand with US Regulators and Supervisors on Current Hot Topics including:
• What does it mean to be CFTC registered
• Swaps and EMIR reporting
• Reporting obligations
• US Focus on Financial Stability and the Future Role of Asset Managers
• Your SEC Compliance Obligations
• FATCA and client on-boarding
• The long reach of the Volcker rule
• Asset Raising in the US
• Setting up a US onshore fund structure, cost considerations
• Tailoring the fund to US investors or amending at a later stage
By attending this timely conference you will hear a panel of leading regulators and industry practitioners explain the latest developments in US regulation. You’ll take away practical guidance on how these regulations impact your firm – and insights into achieving on going compliance with SEC rules.
Plus don’t miss the pre-conference workshop:
A Practical Approach to SEC Regulation for Investment Advisors
4 November 2014, Central London
Workshop Leaders: ACA Compliance Group
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