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Four out of six MVIS Long/Short Equity Indices negative in June

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Four out of six of the MVIS family of investable Long/Short Equity Indices recorded negative performance in June.

The month’s biggest loser was the MVIS North America Long/Short Equity Index down 0.89 per cent, followed by the MVIS Global Long/Short Equity Index (-0.82 per cent), the MVIS Western Europe Long/Short Equity Index (-0.75 per cent0 and the MVIS Asia (Developed) Long/Short Equity Index (-0.58 per cent).
The MVIS Global Event Long/Short Equity Index was up slightly for the month with a return of 0.01 per cent, while the MVIS Emerging Markets Long/Short Equity Index gained 9.14 per cent.
Each index is constructed using transparent, liquid ETFs and US Treasury securities to produce hedge fund-style returns without hedge fund pricing, opaqueness and redemption restrictions.
With a history stretching back to 2003, the MVIS Long/Short Equity Indices use a patented methodology in seeking to capture the beta returns of universes of statistically similar hedge funds that exhibit in aggregate consistently high concentrations of beta. MVIS currently offers four regional and two global long/short equity strategies.

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