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Caravel Capital Investments Inc.


Caravel Capital Investments Inc. Unit 7, Building 2
Old Fort Bay Town Centre Nassau, N.P. Bahamas


Caravel Capital Investments Inc. is an offshore market-neutral, multi-strategy hedge fund management company. The investment team, with over fifty-years’ experience, maintain strict limits, small positions, and a manageable fund size to ensure quick responses to changing dynamics.

The fund prioritizes its commitment to transparency by monthly reporting of principals’ investments/redemptions. With a constant pursuit of risk-averse and market-neutral investments while utilizing several risk-mitigating tactics, the team consistently delivers a Sharpe ratio of 2+ and annualized returns around 19.5% since its inception in 2016.


Jeff Banfield

Founding Partner

Over thirty years of experience in the alternative investment industry.

2003-2015: Sole Proprietor of JMO Research Ltd. Oversaw Mr. Banfield’s family office investments and provided research and consulting services to the Canadian Hedge Fund community.

1997-2002: Founder and Portfolio Manager of Banfield Capital Management, a Canadian Hedge Fund which generated a cumulative net return of over 350%/ 34% compounded annual return for its investors.

1986-1997: worked in proprietary trading for two large Canadian investment banks, specializing in systematic risk mitigation and market-neutral strategies.

1986: BA in Economics, Trent University.

Gibbons Glen

Glen Gibbons

Founding Partner

Over twenty years experience in the alternative investment industry.

2013-2016: Co-Founder, Portfolio Manager, and CCO of HGC Investment Management. HGC generated a 62% cumulative net return during his tenure vs. 37% for the S&P 500 and 22% for the S&P/TSX Index.

2009-2013: CEO of Radiant Investment Management Ltd. Radiant was a small hedge fund focused on merger arbitrage and resource companies and was sold in a private transaction in 2013.

2002-2009: Vice President, K2 & Associates Investment Management. During his tenure, K2 generated a 344% cumulative net return vs. -18% for the S&P 500 and 29% for the S&P TSX Index.

2002: Honors BA in Economics, Western University.



Caravel Capital Investments Inc.