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CEPRES is the leading digital platform for investment analytics, data solutions and counterparty networking for Private Capital Markets. CEPRES began in 2001 as the Center of Private Equity Research and was the first to ‘look-through’ private market funds to underlying deal and asset performance. Today, our award winning online platform securely connects thousands of professionals in the largest private investment network in the world. CEPRES combines the most secure digital data exchange with sophisticated SaaS solutions and expert analysis frameworks to empower LPs, GPs and related professionals. Through CEPRES decision makers can secure their investment data to gain true insights on their portfolio of funds down to single operating assets within a confidential yet fully flexible framework.

The CEPRES Platform includes a network connecting buy- & sell-side market participants. Institutional Investors (LPs), Fund Managers (GPs), Advisors, Administrators, Fund of Funds and other investment professionals interact on one platform: GPs confidentially benchmark their track record, attract fitting capital sources and demonstrate their alpha to investors. LPs forecast their portfolio outcomes, optimize asset allocations and enhance due diligence.

To date over 2,750 GPs & LPs have securely exchanged investment data of over 8,000 funds and 82,000 deals worth over $29,7 Tr. in Enterprise Value.


Daniel Schmidt

CEO, Managing Partner, CEPRES GmbH

Daniel is the CEO and Founder of CEPRES. He has more than 20 years’ experience in private equity investing and corporate business development.

Before founding CEPRES, Daniel served as Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Private Equity Partners and led the buyout of CEPRES from Deutsche Bank in 2010. He studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim in Germany and at Trinity College, Dublin. He earned his PhD with honors from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and was the recipient of an EU-funded research project for the advancement of private equity. Daniel has prior working experience with Daimler, Merryll Lynch and VCM Capital Management as an Investment Principal.

Chris Godfrey Cepres

Christopher Godfrey

President, Senior Partner, CEPRES Corp

Chris is one of the Senior Partners at CEPRES, heads the New York office and is responsible for North American clients.

Prior to CEPRES, Chris worked with Secondcap, Burgiss and Investran and had a long career driving transformational technology in finance, working with JPMorgan Chase, Hewlett Packard, American Honda Finance and The Wellcome Trust. Chris graduated from the Russell Group, University of Leeds with a BSc honors degree in Physics & Astrophysics.

Chris is an active speaker on the PE conference circuit, being invited as guest speaker for PEI, SuperReturn, IIR and others at all major conferences in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

CEPRES Benedikt Hoefelmayr 201903

Benedikt Hoefelmayr

COO, Senior Partner, CEPRES GmbH

Benedikt has over 6 years of using modern technology based products for quantitative analytics for the private equity industry. He mainly specialized in consulting services to institutional investors by providing detailed insights into the key aspects of private equity investment performance and risk.


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