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Mohican Financial Management

Mohican Financial Management, LLC


21 River Road., Suite 2100
Wilton, CT 06897
United States



The management team, dedicated to convertible securities portfolios, began with three experienced individuals, now comprises five professionals, and has had no attrition.

The fund is 100% dedicated to convertible arbitrage with a portfolio management team that combines thirty-five years of experience in trading US convertible securities. We employ a versatile strategy that includes in-the-money/synthetic put trades, at/near-the-money trades, and cash-flow-oriented mandatory trades. We focus on the small and mid cap space of the convertibles market. We emphasize convertible coupon bonds (always more than 50% of the portfolio, usually more than 80%) to maintain positive carry and yield. We continually assess portfolio mix to optimise risk/reward, and use options-based models to invest in under-priced securities. Profits are generated from identifying undervalued securities, positive carry, credit improvement, delta/volatility trading and relative premium expansion.


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Mohican Financial Management, LLC