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Nicolson Bray are trusted cyber security advisers to the UK Alternative Asset Management industry. We provide Cyber Security consultancy covering strategy, risk management, governance, technology and operations, in addition to business risk driven Cyber Security reviews. From a regulatory perspective we tailor our consultancy depending on whether you fall under SEC or FCA regulation and are experts on the implications of GDPR.

Cyber Security is about understanding the risks of doing business in our modern world. As our economy has become increasingly digital, so too has crime. Attackers are using sophisticated means to achieve the same old objectives; theft, fraud, sabotage and espionage.  

At Nicolson Bray we keep on top of advances in Cybercrime so you don’t have to.  We combine decades of IT Security knowledge and experience with an understanding of the latest innovations to ensure your firm is protected from attack and enabled to perform.  We are unique in being able to provide FCA regulated AAM firms with Cyber Security consultancy tailored specifically for their regulatory environment.  This enables us to fine tune your security investment, and importantly avoid overspends caused by meeting the requirements of more onerous regulators such as the SEC.

We have a deep understanding of the very specific Cyber security risks that the Alternative Asset Management industry faces, including:

Fraudulent transactions risk

  • Risk of loss of critical intellectual property, such as investment strategies and trading algorithms.
  • Investor data breaches and associated reputational risk
  • Asset portfolio risk – loss of value due to Cyber Incidents within asset portfolios
  • Business disruption risks, such as slowing your ability to complete trades, disabling market data feeds or disrupting connections with prime brokers or fund administrators.  

All these risks have an impact on your operating costs, fund performance and reputation.

At Nicolson Bray we have these specific risks in view when we assess your technology estate and associated policy and governance.  The result is a Cyber Security review which is not just a list of meaningless technology issues but instead a prioritised plan to deliver targeted Cyber Security risk reduction to your firm.

The threat to data and systems is multi-faceted, and constantly evolving. External threats can be motivated by politics, competition or simply theft. Internally, either your employees can be your first line of “defence” against threats, or, pose a significant threat to the security of your firm.

As Cyber incident after incident hits the headlines, it can be overwhelming to determine what strategic measures to take to protect your firm.  In these times it is essential to adopt a determined and enabling approach to managing IT Security – and by doing so position your firm to be more attractive to clients and investors.

By being specialised in Alternative Asset Management, Nicolson Bray are uniquely placed to build a Cyber Security strategy and programme for your firm, and to protect you from regulatory censure and the reputational and financial impacts of a serious Cyber Security incident.


Bob Nicolson


Bob has 20 years IT and IT Security experience across a range of disciplines and industries. Initially focused on Network, Directory and Server infrastructures, he has been focuses purely on Cyber Security since 2004. During this time, he has led operational teams managing Cyber Security across complex networks, managed IT Security incidents, designed security solutions for trading and clearing systems settling £400 billion daily and transformed Cyber Security risk management across a range of Financial Institutions.

From the early days in his career, Bob has had a keen interest in strategic and architectural solutions to security issues, which has led him naturally to engagements designing Cyber Security Operating Models for complex global organisations and embedding Cyber Security risk management into the fabric of large and small businesses alike.

Bob is currently Head of Consultancy and Managing Director at Nicolson Bray, where he specialises in delivering technology agnostic Cyber Security Consultancy to the UK Alternative Investment Industry.


jane doran

Development and Marketing Manager

Jane is passionate about developing business potential and is a veteran of devising and delivering marketing solutions. Her aim is to inspire and empower the people she works with to create marketing that customers will love – igniting real results for the business. Jane is excited to have joined Nicolson Bray last year to spearhead the company’s marketing programmes and manage developmental projects.


Aidan Hamade

Non-Executive Director

Aidan spent 6 years working as a development manager and solutions architect building custom applications for multinationals including HSBC, Deutsche Bank and ANZ.

In 2012 he founded a digital agency, Guerilla Software, working alongside Google Ideas and Shine Group designing and creating web based platforms using simple and intuitive solutions focusing on modern web patterns.

Aidan is currently CTO at WiseAlpha and online FinTEch business offering its members access to senior secured loan or bond investments, as well as being a non-exective Director at Nicolson Bray


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