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Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance launches website

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The Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance has launched a website that provides industry professionals with strategies for raising capital and building stronger investor relationships.

The site is more reader friendly and provides numerous resources for investors, fund managers and marketers, including a list of hedge fund databases.

The site helps both investors and fund professionals understand the changes that are occurring with hedge funds through governmental regulations, including fee structure changes and information that was included in the recent Financial Reform Bill.

“We are in the midst of unprecedented industry changes. As we watch what is unfolding, Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance will continue to report their impact on hedge fund marketing practices," says David Kochanek, publisher of the Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance website.

In addition to reporting on industry changes, Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance provides information about third party marketers, institutional investor databases and hedge fund lists.

Readers can also get access to a free copy of the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet. The cheat sheet was originally published in 2002, and has been updated for 2010. It helps people to quickly learn the basics about hedge funds such as what a hedge fund is, why people invest in them, the difference between hedge funds and mutual funds and more.

Although Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance does not provide investment advice, the website provides individuals who are looking to invest or those that have already invested with important information. Included on the site is a list of several industry events that are available to learn more about hedge fund investment opportunities.

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