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Javelin Capital launches Global Equity Strategies Fund

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Javelin Capital, the recently authorised investment management firm, has launched its first fund, the Javelin Capital Global Equity Strategies Fund, with seed capital of USD31m.

The fund will take long and short positions in equities globally, including emerging markets.
The fund, managed by an investment team of portfolio managers formerly at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup and headed up by Javelin’s chief investment officer Victor Pina, will have a range of long-short equity strategies which include fundamental, systematic and tactical approaches.

Using proprietary models that have been developed, the team will analyse and judge which strategy is most appropriate for different regions and sectors.

The strategies are expected to be uncorrelated, or negatively correlated, to each other, and hence combining them within one fund should result in lower volatility and reduced risk.
Pina says: “The investment style will focus on what works, where and when. Broadly speaking, in sectors and regions that tend to revert to the mean, such as developed Europe, the systematic strategy will deliver the best results. In other regions that include selected emerging markets, market movements are highly volatile. To capture the upside opportunity whilst avoiding the pitfalls of these markets, we will look to apply our tactical strategies. Sectors and regions are constantly evolving as dynamics shift, and it is here that we believe thorough screening and in-depth research allow us to anticipate changes, and thus we will deploy our fundamental strategy here.”

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