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Manhattan Crypto Capital launches disruptive crypto assets fund of funds

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Manhattan Crypto Capital (MCC) is launching a private crypto investment fund that boasts the fastest-growing, highest-yielding assets with high performance in hard and soft assets.

Built by a seasoned investor, this fund connects verified accredited investors with disruptive managers. With this fund, iMCC is aiming to provide investors with high yield returns with minimum downside risk from crypto and blockchain assets. 

Manhattan Crypto Capital founder Zaid Khan started investing in stocks at the age of 16, and later became a pioneer in digital investing before he turned 30. Thanks to his background in investing and his experience in cryptography, he has built a network of valuable experts in several industries. 

The fund managers have identified opportunities in the following areas: hedge fund and hard asset arbitrage, blockchain startup investments, gamification, tokenomics, and Metaverse & web3 investments. This team is committed to ensuring that investors enjoy transparency with security and accountability.

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