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Midwest Wealth launches proprietary alt investment trading platform

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Alternative investments specialist Midwest Wealth Management has launched a new Proprietary Trading Platform.

The platform utilizes advanced mathematical analysis that’s based on 16 unique risk-based and account objective models to help determine what we feel is the optimal time to purchase stock. This competitive analysis gives Midwest Wealth Management the ability to be opportunistic and highly reactive to market movements in specific securities when choosing investments for clients.
Leveraging algorithmic methodology and tracking for all current and future potential holdings also enables Midwest Wealth Management to obtain a selected execution price for clients without significantly affecting or increasing purchasing costs. This methodology also combats high frequency trading issues by grouping clients as a single purchase, allowing faster transactions for the buyer and seller.
In addition, every client account in each model developed by Midwest Wealth Management receives an equal level of attentiveness – regardless of size – to ensure impartiality and high quality service. Customization for an investor’s unique situation is also addressed in the formulation of their portfolio, such as excluding tobacco companies or companies with poor environmental records, to ensure ethical choices are maintained. Clients also have the ability to create their own personalised scenario for cash flow purposes and legacy holdings.
The success of the Proprietary Trading Platform developed by Midwest Wealth Management lies in its integration of 16 specialised risk-based models managed by senior advisors, a complex algorithmic methodology to react immediately to market changes, and flexible portfolio offerings to address every clients specialised needs. The results offer a competitive advantage to Midwest Wealth Management clients seeking the potential for returns as well as minimising downside risk on all purchased investments.

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