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Murano Connect expands US presence

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Murano Connect is establishing a presence in Midtown Manhattan and expanding its US analytics team there.

Murano is a London-based firm that provides an “investment dating service,” connecting compatible funds and investors. 
Since incorporation in early 2011, Murano has expanded its client base outside of the UK and Europe and now works with a range of managers worldwide.
“Being London-based is a major advantage and allows us to have global reach. We start the day calling investors in Asia and finish the afternoon in the US," says Kristen Meehan, head of North American sales.
Murano initially established its US presence in Stamford, Connecticut for administrative purposes. The reason for the move to New York is strategic.
“Local presence is important to us. We strive to have close and personal relationships with our fund clients. Since we have a large amount of clients in Manhattan and since many of our foreign clients want to reach US investors, it makes sense to choose a location that shows the commitment we have to our service,” says Meehan.
Murano does not sell funds, nor does it act as a third party marketer. The company establishes relationships with institutional investors worldwide in order to discuss their future allocation plans; it then sends the call notes to relevant funds which align with the investors’ criteria.
Managing principal Ole Rollag says: “Investors want to speak with funds, but not every fund. At the same time, asset managers need to build their businesses. If an investor takes the time to speak with one of Murano’s analysts, we help both sides have worthwhile conversations.”
Murano plans to employ five investor analysts and an additional marketer. 

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