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New financial platform turns words into investment strategies

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A new financial platform is aiming to bridge the gap between simple words and complex investment strategy. For the first time, investors and traders can write down their ideas which are then analysed, optimised, converted into investment strategies and executed on a chosen trading platform.

The platform sits on the trading page of a bank or broker and is accessible via a simple Google-like text entry field that reads written words and makes suggestions for more rounded instructions.
An investor might write a simple request ; “Buy 100 shares of Google at market price” or a much more complex and conditional strategy: “Buy 10 contracts of crude oil if the US GDP comes out 0.2 per cent above consensus and Buy 10 more contracts if there is a 1 per cent retracement from the highest price hit”. Words are then translated into executable strategies. When all investment conditions for a specific investment scenario are met the software automatically triggers the trade.
Furthermore, the platform analyses and optimises the investment idea in real time and automatically runs multivariate simulations to suggest potentially better performing outcomes. It uses big data analysis on historical data to provide a more accurate prediction of trade conditions that helps to validate anticipated trade performance and improve investment strategy. understands both everyday speech and complex trading language and appeals as much to amateur as to professional investors, allowing everyone to create an unlimited portfolio of written investment ideas which it monitors in real time.  It also uses machine learning algorithms to extend its vocabulary and improve syntax recognition as more people use it.
Traders and investors no longer need to ‘follow the market’ or write complex algorithms. Neither is there a restriction on the number of ideas that can be monitored or executed simultaneously.
Shahar Rabin (pictured), Co-founder and CEO at says: “Never before have investors and traders been able to use natural language to simplify, execute and automatically manage their positions and portfolios. We have created a personal investment assistant that speaks any language and never sleeps, an entirely new way of democratising investing by enabling everybody to do so in their own words”.

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