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New service provides easier access to DTCC data

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The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has launched a new centralised data provisioning service, DTCC Data Products, which include the expansion of DTCC’s ETF and Corporate Actions ISO 20022 data product offerings.

DTCC Data Products was created in response to growing client demand for more centralised on-demand DTCC data provisioning. The service aims to provide data that helps firms meet increasing regulatory demands, reduce risks, increase operational efficiencies, gain access to better market insight, lower operational costs, and bring greater transparency to their business operations.  As envisioned, DTCC Data Products will directly source cross-asset-class data captured across DTCC’s clearing, settlement, asset services and trade reporting engines, centralise it, and enable dynamic data provisioning, allowing users to access DTCC information in smarter and faster ways. DTCC offers “gold copy” data covering the approximately USD1.6 quadrillion in securities transactions it processes each year. 
“DTCC has a unique vantage point as an industry-governed post-trade clearing, settlement and asset services infrastructure in the US that enables us to directly source reliable, enriched and unique data,” says Ron Jordan (pictured), Chief Data Officer at DTCC. “Clients are showing increasing interest in obtaining better access to certain DTCC information for analysis, risk, and operational purposes. By centralising data provisioning and providing a single point of access for clients, the service will help clients at every stage in the trade lifecycle.”
The consolidation of DTCC data products and data provisioning is the first phase in the introduction of the DTCC Data Products service. Later this year, a “Data as a Service (DaaS)” capability will further transform the way data is provisioned from fixed and custom feed delivery to on-demand data access; DTCC will offer dynamic data access to select clearing, settlement and asset services information. 
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) composition and historical data are now available from the new centralised service. With the ETF offering, clients have customisable access to ETF composition and historical data, enabling users to achieve better insights into ETF portfolios and how they change over time. DTCC also launched its Corporate Actions offering in ISO 20022 format for non-participant firms. Now, any firm can view the universe of DTC corporate action events, enabling them to better manage their risk and ensure operational efficiency.
A newly launched DTCC data portal,, provides information on the first sets of data that will be provisioned and accessed via the portal later this year.  
“The consolidation of data feeds and services is a critical first step in providing clients with easier access to certain DTCC information,” says Jordan. “We look forward to working closely with our community as the Data Products offering continues to evolve.”

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