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Private Capital Markets platform Cobalt now integrated with Ipreo’s iLEVEL

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Bison, a technology provider focused on developing innovative analytical solutions for the private markets, has integrated the Cobalt GP and Cobalt LP products with Ipreo’s iLEVEL platform. 

Launched in 2016, Cobalt is a software platform developed jointly by Bison and Hamilton Lane (NASDAQ: HLNE), a global private markets asset management firm. Cobalt LP is used by institutional investors, including Hamilton Lane, to understand capital flows in portfolios, diligence managers and report on portfolio performance. Cobalt GP helps fund managers service clients with custom analysis, automated reporting and powerful visualisations. With the new iLEVEL integration, Cobalt’s platform fits even more easily into existing workflows, while also enabling better data controls, streamlining processes and aligning teams across an organisation.
Hundreds of GPs and LPs globally use iLEVEL, a cloud-based solution, to streamline and consolidate portfolio data, making it easier for them to access, update, analyse, verify and share with colleagues, auditors, investment boards and clients. The iLEVEL integration, one of several integrations available to Cobalt users, enables data flow between iLEVEL and Cobalt, allowing users to access powerful analytics and data visualisation tools while conveniently using their native data systems.
“We continually see data just sitting in back-office systems,” says Rasmus Goksor, CEO and Co-Founder of Bison. “To do anything meaningful with their data, teams operate almost exclusively in spreadsheets, which is not only a manual process, but also insecure and difficult to scale. Our iLEVEL integration for Cobalt enables GPs and LPs to create custom analysis, automated reports and visualised data all in one platform.”
“The integration of iLEVEL onto the Cobalt platform has fundamentally shifted where Hamilton Lane’s professionals are spending their time,” says Griff Norville (pictured), Principal at Hamilton Lane and Product Manager for Cobalt LP. “The link into iLEVEL allows us to continue to move away from Excel-based spreadsheets and manual uploads, as we now have direct access to our data on Cobalt. We are entering a world where we have auditable data provisioning, automated reporting and advanced analytics at our fingertips.”
Bison is working with current Cobalt clients to support connections between Cobalt and all major back-office solutions for fund accounting and portfolio company data to help ensure that all users can benefit from a seamless integration.

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