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QuantCube launches Liquefied Natural Gas Commodity Trade Indicator

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Alternative data specialist QuantCube Technology has launched the QuantCube Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Commodity Trade Indicator, which tracks the import and export in volume of Liquefied Natural Gas, to provide supply side commodity and energy futures traders with crucial insights at least one month in advance of official data.

Harnessing automatic identification system (AIS) data used by the world’s top exporters and importers, the LNG Indicator tracks the position of tanker ships in real time and is a significant addition to QuantCube’s suite of real-time international commodity trade indicators, which include Crude Oil, Iron Ore, and Coal.
The LNG Indicator currently tracks imports to China, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan and Spain, and exports from Algeria, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia and the United States. By delivering real-time insights on variations in the commerce of liquefied natural gas, customers will be able to react to market trends ahead of time.
When used in combination with QuantCube’s Macroeconomic Intelligence Platform – which provides real-time macro variable indices for GDP, Consumption, Inflation and Employment – users can anticipate wider global economic and trade trends.  

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