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RSRCHXchange doubles the number of research providers on online marketplace for institutional research

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The number of research providers available on the RSRCHXchange platform, the online marketplace for institutional research, has doubled since its launch in late September, with 100 providers now on board.

RSRCHX offers a rapidly growing number of buy side asset management firms access to a wide range of institutional research content. 

Multi-asset in outlook, RSRCHX enables access to a diverse community of  research providers including leading economic, strategy and equity research firms. Going beyond traditional sell side research firms, RSRCHXchange has built a new universe of providers including primary and market research, channel checking, and consulting firms, many of whom are offering their insights to the asset management community for the first time.  

The RSRCHX marketplace now hosts research from firms specialising in topics as diverse as commodities, European online retail, global shipping, M&A insights, video gaming, China macro, wireless home technology, global liquidity flows and the fintech sector. Via its online marketplace, RSRCHXchange now offers thousands of research notes that are transparently priced and available for individual purchase or via subscriptions.

Launched in September 2015, RSRCHX was built in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers to radically modernise the way in which users interact with research, offering a vast improvement on the legacy practices of research distribution and procurement. Asset managers can now stay ahead of the upcoming regulatory changes and buy a wide range of multi-asset, non-broker research in a more efficient, discerning and transparent way. Research providers can utilise a smarter, more advanced distribution tool which not only improves their client reach but also eases their administrative burden and speeds up payment terms. 

RSRCHXchange ensures all providers pass through a thorough onboarding process which includes a compliance questionnaire designed in collaboration with both UK and US based asset managers. Bringing the due diligence process upfront and streamlining soft and hard dollar payments enables portfolio managers to access the research they need in real time, as and when they need it.

Vicky Sanders (pictured), co-CEO, RSRCHXchange, says: “ We are delighted to see such great momentum in our provider numbers. It’s our aim to bring to our fund management clients a centralised, searchable access point for research from the leading providers with whom they have existing relationships. Furthermore, we are committed to building a universe of exciting, high quality content via our platform, beyond the providers they already use. There is a clear demand for both types of research services, as well as a smarter, more efficient means of accessing that content.  We continue to work with clients to source specific providers as well as bring their existing providers onto RSRCHX.” 

Jeremy Davies, co-CEO, RSRCHXchange says: “While there is much talk about the repeated delay of ESMA’s technical guidelines, we have seen little impact on provider and client activity.  The direction of travel in research regulation is clear. The business case for more discerning research procurement practices, setting research budgets and measuring consumption, is certainly there. We see both users and providers of research making changes today, ahead of regulatory deadlines, because it makes business sense.”

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