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Tech Update 2: InvestorDynamo™ 4.0 release enhances tracking process

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InvestorDynamo™ Standard 4.0 is a significant upgrade to the suite that improves investor relations teams’ productivity through Outlook-based communication and compliance tools.

InvestorDynamo™ Standard 4.0 is a significant upgrade to the suite that improves investor relations teams’ productivity through Outlook-based communication and compliance tools.

Developed by Netage Solutions, Inc., a global provider of front-office software for the alternative assets industry, this release aims to introduce a new level of sophistication with tracking of fund investments and investor-related transactions, linking financial institutions to investors, and an extended reporting pack.

The new release builds on the strengths of its predecessor that is already in use at hedge funds in the financial markets of New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California to automate complex mail merge and communication tasks and upload investor documents securely online.

“We anticipate that InvestorDynamo™ Standard 4.0 will prove to be an indispensable part of hedge fund investor relations and compliance operations and further affirm Netage’s position as a leading provider of front-office software for the industry,” said Krassen Draganov, CEO of Netage Solutions. “InvestorDynamo™ will continue to lead in transforming the way investor relations professionals in the alternative assets industry use software to be more productive.”

Responding to requests from hedge fund professionals worldwide, InvestorDynamo™ Standard 4.0 introduces a new level of sophistication, allowing users to categorize investments in a fund by share class and different investor transactions by series, taking into account the investor’s preferred fee structure and the investment timing of accounting series. These features speed up grouping and tracking of total transaction and net asset values (NAVs) on a per series basis.

Netage’s mature investor and compliance management software also introduces a sophisticated new module – Institutions. Hedge funds and funds of funds will now have the ability to link critical information on financial advisors, asset managers, and other third parties to individual investors and track the value of those relationships.

InvestorDynamo™ Standard 4.0 significantly advances reporting by adding numerous reports on funds, investors, and related institutions, investment categorization analysis and accounting series, and allowing easy verification after data imports. Another eagerly anticipated feature is the fund statistics functionality, designed for tracking various statistics such as exposure and performance percentages, industry sectors, and numerous indexes.

“We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date features to our existing and future clients,” said Draganov. “With this release, Netage is setting a new standard for the industry that offers a one-of-a-kind intuitive productivity tool. InvestorDynamo™ follows the evolution of the investor relations function at hedge funds from one of do-it-yourself, Outlook-only shops to that of modern enterprises with business-critical application needs. With the increasing regulatory scrutiny and pressure to provide transparency and superior service, the responsibilities of hedge fund investor relations professionals have expanded, but they are stuck with the same old tools – Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook. InvestorDynamo™ is a revolutionary step forward.”

InvestorDynamo™ Standard is an intuitive and affordable Outlook-based application that allows hedge funds and funds of hedge funds to:

  • Put all client and prospect information in a central repository

  • Support regulatory compliance

  • Easily create, send, and track personalized client correspondence by running e-mail, fax, or paper mail-merge jobs

  • Automate the upload of investor documents to a secure client reporting website

  • Increase the productivity of their investor relations personnel

  • Look and operate professionally through process standardization and reporting.

Background Note: Netage Solutions, Inc., (, is a global provider of software for the alternative investments community – private equity and hedge funds, funds of funds, and institutional investors – since 1998. Intuitive and industry-specific, its solutions aim to improve deal and investor relations professional productivity of clients that manage funds with over USD40 billion under management worldwide, and report their results to over 10,000 investors.

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