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Texas ERS and PAAMCO Launchpad to host first hedge fund emerging manager event in October

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The Employees Retirement System of Texas (Texas ERS) and PAAMCO Launchpad are to hold their first hedge fund emerging manager on 24-25 October 2018 at KKR’s office in New York City.

The event follows the creation of PAAMCO Launchpad, an innovative and well-funded co-investment platform for seeding and supporting emerging hedge funds. Texas ERS is the inaugural partner with PAAMCO Launchpad. The event is designed to bring together a select number of emerging managers from all over the country as well as certain other industry participants.
At the October event, the team will discuss their vision for the PAAMCO Launchpad platform, which was designed to identify, fund and inspire the next generation of top hedge fund talent. PAAMCO Launchpad and Texas ERS will together invite approximately 40 managers to participate in the event. Each invitee will be given 30 minutes to present their strategy and business to senior executives from Texas ERS and PAAMCO Launchpad.
“We are excited to share our vision regarding this new platform with the investment community,” says Texas ERS Deputy CIO Sharmila Kassam. “ERS believes PAAMCO Launchpad is an innovative solution for supporting investment professionals considering their critical next career step toward their goals of becoming the newest and best emerging managers.”
Scott C Nuttall (pictured), Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of KKR and a member of the Board of Managers of PAAMCO Prisma Holdings, says: “The PAAMCO Launchpad partnership with Texas ERS is an important component of PAAMCO’s hedge fund business and their effort to provide institutional investors with alpha-generating solutions based on a transparent alignment of interests and an opportune value proposition.”
“We look forward to executing on our larger vision for PAAMCO Launchpad, along with Texas ERS as our initial partner and with the full support of KKR,” says Andrew Gitlin, CEO of PAAMCO Launchpad. “We believe the PAAMCO Launchpad platform will help evolve the hedge fund industry and will showcase the important role emerging managers play in institutional portfolios. Our inaugural emerging manager event with Texas ERS and KKR is an important part of this effort.”

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