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Trade Informatics launches TI Fact

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Quantitative analytics firm Trade Informatics has launched TI Fact, a routing analysis technology that eliminates the agency information advantage, thereby levelling the field for buy-side institutions and asset managers. 

TI Fact provides millisecond analysis, assisting clients in spotting and reacting to predatory market practices.

TI Fact is Trade Informatics’ latest development in a proprietary suite of analytics designed to deliver actionable results. Trade Informatics has saved clients billions of dollars in transaction costs. Via Trade Informatics’ revolutionary framework, asset managers can hyper-measure, evaluate and analyze their trading history to identify deficiencies and take corrective action, driving implementation shortfall lower.

“TI Fact shines a light on millisecond level routing practices of any agent in an order,” says Matthew Celebuski, CEO of Trade Informatics. “We’re developing tools and products to level the information playing field while lowering costs for clients.”

Trade Informatics’ proprietary analytics products form the backbone for the firm’s consultative approach with clients. Where traditional TCA simply provides a number to asset managers, Trade Informatics takes that numerical data and informs clients why and where they have trading deficiencies, offers recommendations to correct them and monitors performance to ensure implementation shortfall is minimised on an ongoing basis.

Other Trade Informatics analytics include: Trade Analysis Program (TAP), a big-data platform that delivers cutting edge insights into client’s trading experience and provides performance attribution and compliance reporting across the entire trading and investment process; Strategic & Tactical Analytics Research and Trading (START), a broker-neutral set of trading engines that reduces costs, manages commissions and dis-intermediates your trade process from your brokers; and Performance Monitoring Program, a continuous feedback loop that analyses portfolio manager and trader performance.

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