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Unbiased launches data marketplace to improve AI and machine learning transparency with blockchain tech

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Unbiased has launched its Data Marketplace on Telos, one of the most active blockchain platforms in the world. Unbiased works to solve current challenges faced by AI and Machine Learning, including transparency, bias, and quality of training data. The Unbiased Data Marketplace provides privacy-centric and decentralised development tools to companies working with AI and machine learning applications, including data collection, annotation, labelling and analytics; all with blockchain certificates. The project was introduced in beta in March 2020, underwent significant upgrades, and is now live for commercial use. 

Today, most dataset generation tools for training supervised machine learning and AI algorithms are centralised, with no transparency in the process. Unbiased uses the Telos blockchain to track actions on the Data Marketplace platform, including the creation of projects and tasks, worker contributions, and the exchange of data. Unbiased chose Telos because of its ready-to-use governance engine, Telos Decide, which can be easily integrated into business workflows. 

“Unbiased uses the Telos blockchain to improve transparency and integrity, allowing users to trust and validate whether their dataset annotations are happening according to set requirements,” says Sukesh Tedla, Founder and CEO of Unbiased. “In addition to the obvious draw of Telos’ powerful governance tools and low operational costs, we share a mission with Telos to build a new global economy focused on decentralisation and trust.” 

The global AI market is projected to reach USD266 billion by 2027. According to IDC, worldwide spending on AI is expected to double in four years, reaching USD110 billion in 2024. Gartner research revealed that organisations deploying AI grew from four to 14 per cent over the past two years. The increase in adoption of AI has led to concerns over privacy, fairness, and transparency. Entities as powerful as the European Union are researching the far-reaching impacts of AI and how to best address it. 

“Intersections are always where the most interesting and vibrant developments occur and the intersections of blockchain, and AI and machine learning will be a great example of this. Unbiased will show these industries how recording data on a high performance, no-fee blockchain like Telos can add transparency, immutability, micropayments and governance into their products for the benefit of all stakeholders,” says Douglas Horn, Chief Architect of the Telos Blockchain. “Perhaps the most immediate benefit will be the ability for individuals to earn incomes by better supplying, preparing and validating AI data sets, greatly increasing their value to industry and creating a new option for earning money during these challenging economic times.” 

The Unbiased Data Marketplace is supported by Unbiased WorkForce, a crowdsourcing platform with data collection and annotation tools needed to source AI and ML datasets. At launch, the platform supports 20-plus project and task types. Students and professionals can contribute and earn money by signing up for Unbiased through the App Store, Google Play, or web app, finishing the qualifier tasks and working on paid tasks. The first sets of tasks are live at launch with initial projects focusing on data collection and audio transcription. 

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