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Valu-Trac launches absolute return fund

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Valu-Trac Investment Management has launched the VT WoodHill Foundation Absolute Return Fund, a UCITS-compliant UK large-cap equity OEIC authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

WoodHill Asset Management acts as an introducer appointed representative to Valu-Trac for work exclusively in connection with the VT WoodHill Fund. WoodHill’s Paul Wood is one of two founding partners at WoodHill and worked previously at Sloane Robinson and Everest Capital.
The fund owns a portfolio of high quality UK large capitalisation equities that are selected for strong fundamentals, including a low level of borrowings, earnings growth and value creation. When appropriate the fund uses leading UK equity index futures to protect the market value of the fund. The aim is to allow investors to participate in the long term performance of high quality equities while protecting them from any material market declines.
The fund aims to keep volatility relatively low and have a low correlation to the UK equity market over time, whilst generating returns in excess of UK inflation.
The strategy for this fund follows the belief that the best way to make money over time is by avoiding substantial losses. The VT WoodHill Fund will only invest in stocks that make economic sense. In the long run, growing, profitable and stable companies, have, and may perform better than those that are not.
The fund has been seeded with GBP30m and has a management fee of one per cent. It is now open for dealings.

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