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Efficient Capital Management launches managed futures range

Chicago-based Efficient Capital Management is planning to launch a third fund to add to
the growing range of managed futures funds it launched earlier this year.

On 9 January, it launched the Efficient Diversified Fund, SPC, a non-US fund utilizing
multiple portfolio companies to provide investors with strategically managed returns and
balanced risk. Each portfolio company features its own leverage and risk-return profile.

Efficient also will be creating customised portfolio companies for qualifying institutional

A second fund launched on 1 February 2004 provides US investors with the same
opportunity. The Efficient Access Fund, LLC has two classes of interests - one investing
three times and the other four times the leverage of Efficient's standard, unleveraged
portfolio - thereby targeting capital appreciation according to investor needs.

Both Diversified SPC and Access are "feeder" funds with a common trading entity, the
offshore-based Efficient Trading, Ltd.

As of 1 March 2004, Efficient Capital Management reported a combined cash investment
in this family of funds in excess of USD 95 million, which translates to USD 302 million
in nominal exposure terms.

Ernest Jaffarian, Founder and CEO of Efficient Capital Management, said:  "We are
pleased to finally offer a vehicle to allow investment by a smaller investor in a large,
globally diversified portfolio."

Efficient Capital Management's future plans include the launch of another US fund,
Efficient Diversified Fund, LLC.This fund will complement the currently offered
Efficient Access Fund, LLC by providing lower leverage and distribution classes.


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