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Tech Update 1: Netherlands' PME licenses AlphaEngine

Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds Metalektro (PME), the Dutch pension scheme, has signed on as a client for Mcube's AlphaEngine investment software.

AlphaEngineTM has been developed to help funds "Measure, Manage and Monitor" investment decisions by bringing state-of-the-art investment management practices to investors' desktops.

AlphaEngineTM is a web-based software that helps make all portfolio decisions using a rule-based approach. It allows any investor or researcher (pension fund, endowment, foundations, central bank, investment bank research group, fund-of-fund or hedge fund) to evaluate a broad range of investment strategies for any asset class and use these strategies to guide ongoing portfolio decisions (e.g., tactical asset allocation, style, regional and currency allocation, manager allocations, futures across stocks, bonds, cash, currency and commodities). The client can customize analyses to their specific portfolio structure, benchmarks and policy constraints. The net impact to most funds is often higher returns, better governance and risk management, and cost savings.

PME has EUR 14 billion in assets under management, Commenting on the decision, Roland van den Brink, PME's Managing Director Investments, said: "We see AlphaEngine? as a key to supporting our goal of generating superior portfolio returns, while ensuring robust governance and transparency in our decision making. It provides us with a comprehensive way to manage our decision process."

Patrick Groenendijk, PME's Head of Investment Strategy added: "AlphaEngine? improves our ability to systematically evaluate and implement high-value asset allocation decisions."

Dr. Arun Muralidhar, Chairman of Mcube Investment Technologies and author of Innovations in Pension Fund Management and Rethinking Pension Reform (with the late Prof. Franco Modigliani), said, "This endorsement continues to validate the AlphaEngine? value proposition. Utilizing our deep experience as plan sponsors and researchers at premier asset management companies, we are facilitating a movement to the new model of informed decision-making, a key challenge in managing complex portfolios. As one client remarked, AlphaEngineTM has the potential to democratize asset management."

Background Note: Mcube Investment Technologies LLC , a U.S. company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a developer and provider of decision support products for institutional investment management. Mcube has a strategic alliance with ORTEC Consultants, in the Netherlands, thereby further broadening the product offering to best-of-breed products in asset-liability management, performance attribution, index tracking and risk modeling. The company currently has a number of other large and small pension funds, endowments, investment banks, hedge fund fund-of-funds and hedge funds in product trials. Mcube has entered into a research and consulting alliance with Rock Creek Asset Management Group, an asset management company which provides a range of asset management services including funds of hedge funds.

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