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Eurex to list Single Stock Futures on all EUR- and CHF-denominated Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index constituents

From the beginning of July, Eurex market participants will be able to trade futures contracts on a total of around 370 single stocks from 13 European countries.

In response to buoyant demand, Eurex is gradually expanding its range of Single Stock Futures over the next few weeks, to create the most comprehensive offer throughout Europe.

Eurex has also extended the range of available contract months for its Single Stock Futures, now covering a period of up to three years. This opens up yet further opportunities to customers with regard to portfolio optimization.

On October 24, 2005, Eurex initially started trading with a range of 79 futures on single issues of the European benchmark indexes Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50, DAX and SMI, introducing another 16 Single Stock Futures on Swiss shares on April 24, 2006.

Since the beginning of May, Eurex has begun launching packages of new Single Stock Futures at regular intervals of seven days, to make a total of around 370 equity futures available by the beginning of July.

Trading participants will therefore be able to choose among Single Stock Futures on any of the EUR- and CHF-denominated issues included in the Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index. This represents the most comprehensive offer of equity futures throughout Europe.

Contract Months Extended From up to One Year to up to Three Years
All Eurex Single Stock Futures are subject to the extended range of contract months: Therefore, the next twelve monthly maturities plus the two following annual contract months of the December cycle are now available. The greater choice of contract months for Eurex Single Stock Futures greatly facilitates use of the contracts by market participants for portfolio optimization.

Open Interest Exceeds Three Million Contracts by Far
Since their introduction back in October 2005, trading volumes in Eurex Single Stock Futures have constantly grown. Meanwhile, Eurex has become the preferred exchange for trading European equity futures: Since the beginning of 2006, 18 million contracts have been changing hands in this product group, with daily average trading volumes increasing from 17,000 contracts in January to 150,000 contracts in April. Open interest reached 3.4 million contracts at the end of April.

For detailed contract specifications of all Single Stock Futures, please refer to the Eurex website

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