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Tech Update: Latest edition of Geneva aims to improve system performance and lower total cost of ownership for both implementation and maintenance

The latest enhancements to the Advent Global Hedge Fund Solution leverage an array of technical innovations, says Robert O'Boyle of Advent Software, Inc.

The business of asset management is increasingly being defined in a global context and more firms are offering alternative investments to improve returns and attract new customers.

While these firms have always benefited from Geneva's functionality, they also needed a system that was less expensive, easier to integrate and more scalable. The latest offering of Geneva incorporates these advancements, enabling business growth for asset managers.

Geneva clients have embraced these platform advancements, with 70 percent of the client base having either already upgraded to, or currently implementing, the release of Geneva 6.0.

Advent's Global Hedge Fund Solution, powered by Geneva, provides a fully-integrated suite for trading, investment and partnership accounting that enables clients to minimize risk, streamline their operations and reduce costs while managing the most complex investments. Geneva delivers the industry's only 'main memory' database system, offering fast, accurate, and flexible real-time reporting, as well as eliminating batch processes and time-consuming error corrections.

Among the chief advancements offered by the latest edition of Geneva are a lower total cost of ownership, ease of integration, and improved scalability. Geneva has lowered ownership costs by utilizing a distributed processing model, which enables the platform to be implemented on multiple, significantly less expensive x86 Unix servers. On average, Geneva clients are now able to save up to 80 percent in server costs per year.

Improved scalability is another major benefit of the distributed processing model. Clients can now run a number of reports simultaneously on multiple servers without any speed degradation. As a result, users are truly able to scale hardware resources to meet business needs.

The new version of Geneva also boosts scalability by employing a major technology shift to an 'N-Tier' architecture, along with targeted database tuning. A combination of these technical enhancements has resulted in system throughput improvements of up to 300 percent. The platform now more effectively addresses disaster recovery and application redundancy and, as a result, reduces risk.

Geneva achieves improved ease of integration through new innovations to Geneva Workflow Manager. This powerful integration platform, used with Microsoft BizTalk Server, allows firms to easily and efficiently manage workflows and data exchange between Geneva and other applications. Workflow Manager is now the platform for future packaged integration accelerators to other trading and risk systems, data warehouses, and reference data sources.

Robert O'Boyle is Vice President Product Marketing for Global Accounts at Advent Software, Inc.

Background note: Advent Software, Inc, a multi-national company, has been providing solutions to the world's leading financial professionals since 1983. Firms in more than 60 countries currently use Advent technology to manage investments totaling more than USD 12 trillion. Advent and Geneva are registered trademarks of Advent Software, Inc

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