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Advent Software, Inc (NASDAQ: ADVS) has expanded and enhanced the compliance functionality found in Tamale RMS, its research management solution (RMS).

Tamale RMS helps automate and enforce consistent policies and builds compliance into everyday workflows. It also puts firms in a much stronger position to document investment decisions and demonstrate due diligence.

“All segments of the investment industry are expected to face increased regulatory scrutiny in the coming years, so an area of innovation for Tamale has been new modules, reports and enhancements to support best practices in compliance readiness,” says Mark Rice, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Tamale. “More and more firms are choosing Tamale RMS because it not only provides a more efficient platform for research management and investment decision making, but also because it enables them to demonstrate their investment process, explain their decisions and respond quickly to inquiries, whether from clients or regulators -- sending a signal that they are serious about thorough due diligence. The key to compliance is having a clear policy that is consistently followed and rigorously documented, and Tamale RMS® helps automate and enforce this process.”

Advent recently introduced a Broker Evaluation module in Tamale RMS that can be used to document meetings, correspondence, research and other services provided by brokers used in making investment decisions. Firms can track meetings with company management that have been arranged by brokers, and assign a value to each meeting to help quantify the value of the services provided.

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