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Single Manager Hedge Funds

The Hedgeweek Interview: Chris J. Clarke, Managing Partner, Westferry Capital Partners LLP: Expecting markets to trend and display volatility

Tue, 26/09/2006 - 06:58

Chris Clarke outlines the investment process of the Westferry Global Markets Fund, which opened to third-party accredited investors in September 2006. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Lahrs Buhl, Chief Investment Officer and Partner, Capricorn Asset Management: In search of pure alpha

Tue, 19/09/2006 - 06:59

Lahrs Buhl of Swiss-based Capricorn Asset Management outlines the investment thinking behind the company's currency programs. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Ron Senator, Principal, Sphera Fund Management: Focusing on Israeli and Israeli-related equities

Tue, 19/09/2006 - 06:58

Ron Senator outlines the investment thinking behind the new Puma Sphera fund, a joint venture between Shore Capital of London and Sphera Fund Management of Tel Aviv. »

Melissa Hill, managing partner, Sabre Fund Management

The Hedgeweek Interview: Melissa Hill, Managing Partner, Sabre Fund Management Ltd: Focusing on the quest for alpha generation

Tue, 12/09/2006 - 07:00

Melissa Hill outlines recent developments at Sabre, including new hire Matthew Isherwood and expansion into new markets such as Japan. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Tony Zucker, Head of European Equities, Thames River Capital: Skilled in stock-picking

Tue, 12/09/2006 - 06:59

Tony Zucker discusses the strategies behind Thames Rives Kingsway Fund in the current volatile markets. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Peter Brewer, Cumulus Energy Fund: Interpreting weather forecasts to identify catalysts

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 06:58

Peter Brewer previews the investment process for the Cumulus Energy Fund which is scheduled for launch in October 2006. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Stephen Cohen, Managing Director, Troika Dialog (UK) Ltd: WTO will benefit Russia

Thu, 24/08/2006 - 14:55

Stephen Cohen discusses the impact of changes in Russia's political economy on Troika Russia Fund's future plans.  »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Steven Solmonson, President, Park Place Capital Limited: "We are not market timers and we are not punters"

Tue, 25/07/2006 - 07:00

Steven Solmonson explains how Park Place delivers through its strategy of remaining long-biased, moderating exposures and ongoing diversification. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Nick Mann, founder, Oberon Asset Management: Taking an ethical approach to capacity

Mon, 24/07/2006 - 06:59

Nick Mann discusses Oberon Asset Management's strategies in its area of key competence, the Japanese markets. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Cato Brahde, founder Oceanic Hedge Fund: Excitement in the energy sector

Fri, 07/07/2006 - 07:00

Cato Brahde discusses Oceanic Energy Fund's innovative strategies in tapping the growing potential in the energy sector.  »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Shahid Ikram, Director, High Performance Funds, Morley Fund Management: Exploiting market volatility

Fri, 07/07/2006 - 06:58

Shahid Ikram identifies the opportunities and developments in the market cycle that will influence the future growth of Morley G7 Fixed Income Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Gilles Frisch & Gabriel Andraos, Dexia Asset Management: Being rewarded for innovation

Mon, 26/06/2006 - 07:00

Gilles Frisch and Gabriel Andraos believe the 'credit market - neutral' feature of their strategy sets Dexia Credit Arbitrage apart from its competitors »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Enrico Angella & Aurelio Matrone, Getraco Asset Management: Maintaining competitive advantage through tight control

Mon, 26/06/2006 - 06:59

Enrico Angella and Aurelio Matrone discuss the multi-layered investment strategies that define Getraco's Kkienn European Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Martin Duffy, founder, Claremont Capital Management: Capitalising on European market experience

Fri, 16/06/2006 - 06:59

Martin Duffy discusses the strategies and investment disciplines driving Claremont Europe Fund, which is being re-opened to external investors this year. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Michael Wexler, Chief Investment Officer & Founder Maple Leaf Capital LLP: An edge from trading four asset classes

Tue, 13/06/2006 - 07:00

Michael Wexler discusses the strategies and opportunities that are driving the Maple Leaf Macro Volatility Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Robert Macrae, Fund Manager, Arcus Japan Fund: Betting against the latest and greatest

Mon, 29/05/2006 - 06:57

Robert Macrae outlines the thinking and strategies that go into the Arcus Japan Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Kyle McKay, Leeward Bull & Bear Fund: Willingness and discipline to make quick and objective decisions

Fri, 26/05/2006 - 06:56

Kyle McKay outlines the investment discipline that is driving the performance of Leeward Hedge Funds' long/short North American equity fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Andrea Rialas, Founder, Argo Capital Management Ltd: Targeting distressed workouts in emerging markets

Wed, 10/05/2006 - 08:00

Andreas Rialas highlights the ideas and vision behind Argo Capital Management's emerging markets-focused funds. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Henry Thornton and Rob Brewis, BDT Investment Management Limited: Anticipating a correction in Asia

Wed, 10/05/2006 - 07:58

BDT Investment Management co-founders Henry Thornton and Rob Brewis outline the investment thinking that will drive their new BDT Invest Asia Fund. »

David Baker, Founder of Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP: "Well-positioned for consolidation in gold and mining sectors"

Mon, 24/04/2006 - 07:58

David Baker highlights the investment ideas that are driving the performance of Baker Steel's Genus Natural Resources Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Diego Wauters, CEO, Coriolis Capital Limited: Strong gains in a niche market

Fri, 31/03/2006 - 07:59

Diego Wauters outlines the working of Coriolis Capital Limited, which focuses on strategies for the insurance/reinsurance sector. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Ian Lancaster, Fund Manager, Stockbridge Fund Ltd: Repeatable strategy that does not rely upon sector rotation or trading

Fri, 24/03/2006 - 06:58

Ian Lancaster unveils the strategies and ideas that go into the working of the Stockbridge Fund. »



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