Visual Portfolio Manager for hedge funds achieves record growth

Integrated Business Systems, Inc (IBSI), the provider of Visual Portfolio Manager integrated solutions for hedge funds, has reported strong growth in all areas of its business. »

Last chance to win tickets to the WORLD CUP

This is your last chance to take our Sudoku challenge and win a trip to Germany for a thrilling quarter-final match. »

Wall Street clawed back some gains yesterday and finished back above 11000

Wall Street  clawed back some gains yesterday  and finished back above 11000 up 56 points at 11405.28 Nasdaq and the S&P 500 also made modest gains . »

Enjoying the fruits of organic growth

By all available measures, Dublin continues to boom as an administration centre for alternative funds, and is attracting new setups of all alternative fund types from managers in jurisdictions thro »

Court of Appeal strikes down SEC hedge funds registration rule

A DC Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down the SEC's new rule requiring many hedge fund managers to register as investment advisers. »

Comment: "Friday's ruling will not stop the SEC from regulating the activities of hedge fund advisers"

Darren Sherman, chief executive of Regulatory Advisory Services and former SEC official, outlines the key implications of the overturned registration rule. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Gilles Frisch & Gabriel Andraos, Dexia Asset Management: Being rewarded for innovation

Gilles Frisch and Gabriel Andraos believe the 'credit market - neutral' feature of their strategy sets Dexia Credit Arbitrage apart from its competitors »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Enrico Angella & Aurelio Matrone, Getraco Asset Management: Maintaining competitive advantage through tight control

Enrico Angella and Aurelio Matrone discuss the multi-layered investment strategies that define Getraco's Kkienn European Fund. »

Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index: Introduction of eighth tranche of Single Stock Futures on the Components

Eurex is extending the Single Stock Futures segment by way of including all EUR-/CHF-denominated components of the Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index. »

ProShare Advisors LLC licenses "The Dow" for premier ETF line-up

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the world's longest running stock market indicator, underlies two new leveraged exchange-traded funds. »

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