Hedge Fund Technology 2013

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James Williams, Hedgeweek

Hedge fund technology develops across the value chain

By James Williams – Getting the right technology solutions in place for today’s hedge fund manager is a pressing concern. Tighter trade margins and growing regulatory/compliance costs are hardly conducive to ramping up a hedge fund’s annual IT budget. Where possible, they need cost-efficient solutions for their technology infrastructure, yet at the same ensuring the highest standards are being upheld. »

Ulf Svensson, Bloomberg

Front-to-back solutions: myth or reality?

To paint a picture of the hedge fund space today is to show a world of tightening margins, an industry where fee-structures have shifted away from the historic 2 and 20 compensation structures and a business model restrained by regulatory changes. At the same time, as margins tighten, the modern investor continues to have a high expectation of operational and cost efficiencies, pushing fund managers to do more with less. Managers are adapting quickly and aspiring to create systematic efficiencies by lowering operational costs. Depending on the fund’s size, strategies may vary, but the desire for highly-flexible, scalable solutions, fed by reliable data, remains a constant. »

Laurent Villiers, Risk Product Manager at Misys

Credit risk controls become paramount

The issue of credit risk under OTC clearing is putting pressure on technology providers to develop cutting edge solutions. Misys has long been aware of this and has moved quickly to enhance the capabilities within its integrated platform offering, Sophis VALUE, to support not only its buy-side, but sell-side clients. »

Nadine Chakar, BNY Mellon

Market reforms drive solutions for enhanced collateral management

By James Williams – On Monday 10 June 2013, phase two of OTC clearing for interest rate swaps and credit default swaps began under the Dodd-Frank Act. For the buy-side community, collateral management is set to become a more complex, far-reaching exercise involving higher volumes of collateral, increased margin calls, and more counterparties to deal with. »

Tyler Kim, Maples Fund Services

Hedge fund technology becomes mainstream

Hedge funds are well known for developing advanced technology solutions that meet exacting standards and demanding requirements. Now, as their sophisticated investment strategies enter the mainstream, there is also a need for technology solutions to become more mainstream. »

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