Gaim International 2012 Daily News - Day One

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Jamil Baz, chief investment strategist, GLG Partners

Ferguson and Baz: The limits of macroeconomic policy

In the opening panel discussion at Gaim International 2012, GLG Partners’ chief investment strategist Jamil Baz (pictured) started off by outlining the general macroeconomic consensus. »

Jeff Campbell, sales and relationship manager in the institutional investor segment at BNP Paribas Securities Services

Managers should review their relationships under AIFMD

The legislative proposal Level 2 draft of the EU-wide AIFM Directive was released at the end of May, and it looks increasingly likely that hedge funders are going to bear the financial brunt of appointing a depositary bank. Under the Directive, each AIFM will need to hold all of an AIF’s financial instruments in custody, with no exceptions made such as assets used for collateral arrangements. »

Christophe Baurand, managing director and global head of business development, Lyxor Asset Management

Lyxor and Koris offer new investment solutions

Lyxor Asset Management and Koris International are teaming up to design investment solutions for distribution across Europe based on funds available on the Lyxor Managed Account Platform (MAP). »

Victoria Chatterton, GAIM conference director

GAIM 2012 – plenty of business cards required!

Manager skill continues to take centre stage in these volatile times according to GAIM conference director Victoria Chatterton (pictured). With that in mind, this year’s event focuses on four big picture themes: »

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, principal, Universa Investments

Things that gain from disorder

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (pictured), principal of Universa Investments and famed author of “The Black Swan”, delivered a keynote speech on some useful properties of barbells at Gaim International 2012. Noting that the opposite of fragile is “antifragile”, Taleb explained that barbells – a type of investment strategy that sits on both ends of the yield curve for example in bonds – possess this antifragile characteristic, enabling them to benefit from crises. »

Gavyn Davies, chairman, Fulcrum Asset Management

Running to stand still

Gavyn Davies (pictured), chairman of Fulcrum Asset Management, chaired a panel discussion on how Greek elections and eurozone political upheavals are shaping the markets. Part of the discussion was to establish the extent of bullish/bearish sentiment of Gaim International 2012’s audience. Karlheinz Muhr, CEO of QFS Asset Management and Mark Poole, CIO, BlueBay Asset Management, were the other two panellists. »

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