Options partners with Pure to deliver all-NVMe, all Flash Cloud

Options, a provider of cloud-enabled managed services to the global financial markets, has collaborated with Pure Storage to become the first managed service provider (MSP) to deliver all-NVMe, all-flash cloud to all capital markets.

Built exclusively on Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) infrastructure from Pure Storage, this new solution allows Options’ customers to reliably store data at scale and access the information instantly across its global financial network. Customers can also more effectively deploy containerised environments, large-scale datasets and other low-latency applications.

Options’ Pure as-a-Service deployment will be integrated into the firm’s enterprise-grade network, comprised of 40-plus data centre sites worldwide. The first deployment of its kind, the solution offers fully optimizsd accessibility, intra-regional replication, and enhanced performance standards, outclassing precursory data storage solutions.

As one of the fastest-growing enterprise IT companies in history and one of the world’s leading data storage providers, Pure develops flash-based, enterprise-class, storage products and storage-as-a-service to deliver a modern data experience for customers. The Pure as-a-Service platform includes block, file and object storage services, available on-premises, in co-located/hosted environments or within the public cloud, and all backed by an advanced management framework using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Options’ VP Head of Infrastructure, James Laming, says: “Our collaboration with Pure represents a step change in how Options delivers storage services for its clients and partners. The petascale implementation of all-flash Pure as-a-Service over Options’ robust global financial network dramatically increases our ability to meet the demanding uptime and performance SLAs of our customers in capital markets. Our combined and continued focus on delivering world-leading services will undoubtedly enhance and inform how the financial markets understand, leverage, and consume data.”

Options’ VP Product Development, Michael Russo, adds: “Given the performance, availability, and durability underpinning it, Options’ collaboration with Pure demonstrates a significant milestone for our managed data storage service. With an initial multi-regional launch across 13 Options data centres, Pure’s full suite of storage is now available over our global network backbone and will provide clients with unrivalled storage performance and replication capabilities. With enhancements to machine learning and increases in processing performance, organisations now require an equally optimised, cost-effective way in which to rapidly store, recall and configure their data. Options’ data storage solution will be transformational, offering clients a departure from costly, antiquated data storage providers and vendors.”

“For large and legacy-style big data applications, there is a direct and significant correlation between application value and the performance of underlying storage,” says Rob Walters, General Manager for Pure as-a-Service, Pure Storage. “With best-in-class, all-NVMe Storage-as-a-Service from Pure Storage, Options can provide customers with an architecture that dramatically improves performance across the entire application stack.”