AKJ Crypto issues 2.07 per cent distribution to token investors

AKJ Crypto (AKJC), a provider of trading and infrastructure solutions for fund managers trading in digital assets, has made its first "Shareout" distribution to investors in AKJ Token.

AKJ Token is one of the few tokens within the crypto universe that already generates sufficient production to pay a Shareout, or ecosystem distribution, and generate yield for token investors. As described in the AKJC whitepaper, token investors in the AKJ Crypto ecosystem may receive up to 25 per cent of net revenues generated across several lines of business, including fund infrastructure, trading, and capital allocation. Capital allocation occurs through the AKJ Digital Assets FoF, an affiliated crypto hedge fund of funds. For calendar year 2019 the AKJC Board approved a Shareout representing a 2.07 per cent return on invested capital for token holders.  Payment is distributed to investors as Ether.

Neal Mitra, CEO of AKJ Crypto, says: "With this distribution we now see the full ecosystem at work. We have now 'closed the loop' by executing a robust crypto business model that provides real returns back to our investors. This Shareout serves as a marker on our progress to date, while continuing developments give us much to look forward to as we consider future distributions. This is all very exciting for our whole team as we bring the vision of our Chairman and Founder, Anders Kvamme Jensen, to reality."

The AKJ Crypto platform offers institution-grade turnkey solutions for crypto hedge fund managers. Services are provided directly and in coordination with other ecosystem entities, and include regulatory compliance, licensing, trading, settlement, storage and provider partnerships. It provides access to a fund of funds investing with top fund managers, including a seed capital program for select managers on the platform. Investors in AKJ Token gain risk-mitigated, diversified exposure into the digital asset sector, through both revenue growth on the platform as well as capital appreciation in the fund of funds. AKJ Token is a transferable security sold under EU law to professional investors.