AI-powered trading platform Tickeron releases new swing trading AI robots

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering trading insights and analysis, has released several new swing trading robots as part of its AI Robots feature. The technology uses artificial intelligence to simplify trading stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex pairs.

A typical swing trader has countless trading ideas to choose from and trying to achieve success can be overwhelming. Tickeron created AI Robots to reduce the number of trading ideas by combining the best information and intelligence into one recommendation.

A user first selects the Robot they would like to follow, as there are multiple options available for stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex pairs. They then adjust their selected stocks, expected number of trades per day and other criteria. Operating in a trading room, the robot scans the selected stocks to find trading opportunities using Pattern Search Engine, Real Time Patterns and other means specific to that Robot.

High-quality data is available for each Robot so the user can select the right fit to follow. All of the Robots developed by Tickeron offer statistics like annualised performance, number of trades per day, number of open and closed trades and more. For example, the Robot Long Only Stocks #1 has a profitable trades percentage of 72.45 per cent, which exemplifies the reliability of the technology. Other examples of Robots offer more narrow selection of equities, such as stocks with prices less than USD50, market caps between USD2 billion and USD10 billion, etc.   

"We're excited about this culmination of our tools and technology," says Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron. "This feature can not only make swing trades for the user, but can educate them on why a certain trade is taking place through the option of Paper Trades to monitor open and closed trades."