Neo & Partners Global secures certification from Singapore FinTech Association

Neo & Partners Global, a financial technology SME serving the capital markets sector community of commodity trading advisors, family offices, fund management companies and proprietary trading firms, has been awarded the FinTech Certification by Singapore FinTech Association as a FinTech Certified Platforms provider for its award-winning Trading-Atrium. 

This FinTech Certification is recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and acts as the benchmark qualification.

The Trading-Atrium is a multi-asset and broker-neutral facility platform which includes a purpose-built electronic and voice trading facility infrastructure, low latency real-time failover resilient network, systematic trading capabilities and professional services. 
The Trading-Atrium is also compliant to the Monetary Authority of Singapore Guidelines on Licensing, Registration and Conduct of Business for Fund Management Companies (SFA04-G05) on Office Space whereby asset managers can operate from a dedicated and secure office space that is accessible only by the asset managers’ directors and staff. This dedicated and secure arrangement provide for the safety and confidentiality of information on their investors and investment portfolios.

“As a Singapore homegrown SME serving the capital markets sector community, we are honoured of being a part of Singapore’s FinTech community and the continued development of uniquely resilient and vibrant ecosystem journey of about innovation, inclusion and inspiration while promoting industry standards. Everything we do in FinTech must always have a larger purpose," says “Eric” Neo Say Wei, Founder and Chairman, Neo & Partners Global. "The Trading-Atrium has positioned Singapore squarely at centre of an electronic trading revolution. Receiving this award is a prime example of how the Trading-Atrium and its eco-system all add up to an effective and efficient FinTech Certified Platforms provider serving the capital markets sector community.The end result: Neo & Partners Global's clients can operate more profitably, continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.

“All these are the results of the design philosophy of the Trading-Atrium that is simple but powerful: the sum of the parts must be greater than the whole.”