Essentia Analytics launches behavioural finance tool interactive workshops for investment teams

Essentia Analytics (Essentia), a provider of behavioural data analytics and consulting services for professional investors, has launched a series of workshops for investment professionals and asset management teams focusing on mitigating bias, improving decision making, and enhancing outcomes at an individual and team level.

As corporate executives and human resources teams prioritise finding new and creative ways to engage employees both in the office and remotely, these workshops will give investment professionals essential tools to enhance performance. Essentia has put together four new workshops featuring award-winning and industry leading experts teaching on a variety of subjects. The sessions will be delivered in an interactive webinar format initially, and in-person at a later date, when it is safe to do so.

Workshops currently being offered include:

• Introduction to Mitigating Behavioural Bias with analytics professor and former fund manager Dr Philip Maymin

• Understanding Investment Conviction with noted investor coach Denise Shull
Personality & Investment Strategy: Capitalising on Congruence with asset management executive coach and facilitator Christine Scordato

• Cognitive Diversity on Your Team: Maximising Your Similarities & Differences with Christine Scordato 

These new workshops are targeted, interactive sessions for portfolio managers and analysts who want to integrate what they’ve read about behavioural finance into their investment process, as well as company leaders seeking to navigate change, improve cooperation and communication, and make behavioural finance more accessible to a broader group of their investment professionals.

“As experts in working with investment teams on decision-making behaviour, we have hand-picked the leaders and content of each of these workshops to maximise the value they bring to our behavioural analytics clients – and they’ve had rave reviews,” says Clare Flynn Levy, CEO and Founder of Essentia. “Now we’re spreading the wealth, and opening them up to all manner of investment teams – no data required.”