Headstart fund of funds up 20.7% in 2022

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The Headstart Fund of Funds successfully navigated last year's volatile markets and recorded a third consecutive year of double-digit positive performance in the process with a 20.67% return. 

Headstart Advisers' flagship fund's diverse portfolio of broadly uncorrelated strategies made positive monthly returns in seven of the eight months of 2022 that the MSCI World Index was negative. As a father example of its uncorrelated performance, in April the MSCI World Index was down 8.43%, whilst the fund was up 3.48%.

And according to HeadStart Advisers' CIO, Najy N Nasser, the fund made its best comparative monthly returns when global markets had their worst periods of performance.

"This clearly demonstrates the value-add for investors of holding an investment in carefully selected alternative managers as part of a diversified portfolio. When you contrast it with the value destruction delivered by a traditional 60:40 portfolio during 2022, the hedge 'fund of funds' proposition should certainly be back at the forefront of an investor's mind," he said.

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