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Accelerate Product Partners launches video due diligence platform

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Accelerate Product Partners has launched a video due diligence platform – – for accredited investors and alternative funds.

Accelerate gives investors the ability to anonymously access, view, search and share detailed video interviews of top-tier fund managers (issuers). 
Once an investor member is ready to reveal their identity and establish direct contact with an issuer they can do so via the simple click of a button.
Alexis Graham, co-founder of Accelerate and 20-year hedge fund industry veteran, says: “ emerged after many years of conversation with institutional investors who conduct due diligence for a living and are always in search of new opportunities yet are tired of the cold calls, look-alike decks and superfluous ‘first meetings’ that often lack depth.”
Accelerate interviews and releases issuers monthly. Currently all issuers on the platform are firms that manage over USD300m in assets and have at least three year track records.
Greg Parsons, CEO of Semper Capital, a USD1.1 billion credit firm and Accelerate issuer member, says: “We use Accelerate as part of our investor relations infrastructure.  The platform gives us an efficient way to communicate with existing LP’s while also serving as a unique channel for investor discovery.”
Issuers on Accelerate are given a full video profile, equipped with AIFMD compliant sharing features and are presented to investors in conjunction with their performance and background information.  An issuer’s full video profile is comprised of over 30-90 second video clips that reflect the portfolio manager/founder/CEO’s direct responses to a series of questions that were crowd sourced from Accelerate’s investor networks and asked directly of the issuer in a “first meeting” like scenario. Topics of coverage include investment philosophy, investment process, exposures and current positioning, risk management, investment ideas and attribution analysis.

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