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Advances in alternative energy create investment opportunities, says Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management

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An energy evolution is underway, with alternative energy quickly becoming a more widely accepted reality in the sector, creating new investment opportunities, according to a new paper from Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management.

Co-authored by Chat Reynders, CEO and Chairman of Reynders, McVeigh, and Patrick McVeigh, President and Chief Investment Officer, Defining a New Approach to Energy highlights three areas poised for growth as the energy field evolves:

• Accelerating next generation ethanol

• More efficient technology is disrupting the biofuel space, leading to second generation processes that maximise crop waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Behind the scenes of solar

• As solar energy systems become more sophisticated, opportunities are emerging in the nuanced, central technology that is powering greater efficiency and adoption.

• Solving the storage challenge

• As more people embrace alternative energy, the challenge of storing energy for access offline is becoming more prevalent. Technological strides are being made to improve home energy storage, changing the way consumers are approaching solar.

“As the field shifts towards alternative energy, companies that provide the focus on the technologies and processes that increase efficiency are well positioned for success,” write Reynders and McVeigh. “We expect biofuels, solar, and energy storage to be important components to the evolution of energy; they will fuel the sector’s growth by providing the foundation for a stable, sustainable, and profitable shift.”

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