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Alix Capital launches six investable alternative Ucits indices

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Alix Capital, the Geneva-based provider of the Ucits Alternatives Index family of indices, has launched six new single strategy UAIX indices, expanding its range to 11. 

The UAIX indices are constructed following a proprietary systematic model developed by Alix Capital with the aim of outperforming the respective Ucits Alternative Index benchmark.

The new indices are as follows:
UAIX Emerging Markets
UAIX Event Driven
UAIX Equity Market Neutral
UAIX Macro
UAIX Multi-Strategy

The UAIX indices comprise six to 15 Ucits hedge funds selected from the Ucits alternatives hedge fund universe using Alix Capital’s proprietary model, and are rebalanced quarterly. In order to be included, constituent funds have to be part of the Ucits Alternative Index broad universe, have at least EUR30m in assets under management and be open to new investments. UAIX indices are built using a Ucits compliant methodology, are investable and offer weekly pricing.

The UAIX indices may be licensed by financial institutions for the creation of index based financial products. Based on a proprietary proven methodology, the UAIX indices provide a cost effective and liquid solution for diversified and optimal exposure to regulated hedge funds.

Louis Zanolin, chief executive of Alix Capital, says: “The launch of the new UAIX indices enhances the existing offering of strategy specific replicable indices that aim to outperform the benchmark. We continue to expand our network of third party financial product providers in order to develop investment solutions which meet investor appetite for alternative Ucits products. These indices will allow investors to gain exposure to a variety of alternative strategies through our proven proprietary construction methodology.”

A license is required from Alix Capital for any product linked to, or based on, the UAIX indices.


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