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Argonaut boss pops hydrogen investment ‘bubble’

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Barry Norris, the founder and chief investment officer of UK-based hedge fund firm Argonaut Capital Partners has labelled investments in the hydrogen sector as a “complete waste of time”, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The report quotes Norris as saying in an interview that he is “sceptical that the business models of a lot of these [hydrogen] companies will work” and regards the sector as a losing bet for investors interested in making money in the foreseeable future.

Norris also revealed in the interview that he has built a few short positions in hydrogen as a result, without naming the companies involved.

Hydrogen is seen by some as a key element in reducing global emissions while others believe it to be on overhyped, over-priced technology.

While hydrogen has the potential to generate vast amounts of energy with hardly any CO2 emissions it needs to be extracted first and the cheapest and most common forms of production currently involve fossil fuels. So-called green hydrogen production meanwhile, which uses an electrolyser powered by renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, is cost prohibitive.


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