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Asset management network RigoBlock partners with Ethfinex

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RigoBlock, a decentralised asset management network based in Switzerland, has partnered with Ethfinex, a subsidiary of iFinex inc (Bitfinex) for the integration of the RigoBlock asset management platform which is due to launch later this year.

RigoBlock’s vision is to decentralise asset management through use of the Ethereum network. Through collaborating with RigoBlock, Ethfinex users will be able to monitor, create and invest in decentralised token funds available on the RigoBlock network.
“Asset management has never been more accessible than with the implementation of the RigoBlock protocol,” says Will Harborne (pictured), Director of Operations at Ethfinex. “We are incredibly excited by the opportunities made possibly by RigoBlock. We have been working closely with Gabriele and the RigoBlock team to provide access to a decentralised asset management network from within our upcoming Trustless Trading Portal. The emergence of Ethereum as a disruptive force within the financial space has allowed us to reinvent the ways in which value can be captured and shared, and we’re eager to build an ecosystem of added value products into Ethfinex for our users, starting with RigoBlock.”
With a background in the Swiss asset management industry, RigoBlock founder Gabriele Rigo created the RigoBlock project as a way of democratising the space, bringing the industry to those who might not otherwise have been privy to it. RigoBlock is a blockchain-based protocol that makes it possible for anyone to set up and run a decentralised token pool. Together with Ethfinex, the RigoBlock project will allow users to place their funds in upcoming asset management projects, allowing those who are not familiar with the industry to take part.
“Ethfinex is something that we knew could integrate the RigoBlock platform to its full capability,” Rigo says. “After the success of its parent business, Bitfinex, and seeing the number of great ERC20 project tokens they had available, it made sense for us to partner with the Ethfinex team. We are optimistic that are two companies can collaborate together to create a number of successful asset management options for the crypto community.”

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