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B Trading launches orders insurance service in London

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B Trading has launched a systematic order insurance service exclusive to the financial services sector in London.

Created by Oleg Bagrii (pictured) in 2008, after his first-hand experience as a trader on the forex market and tested over a nine-year period, B Trading’s product is aimed at providing accurate and emotionless prediction of the financial results of a trade while remaining sufficiently flexible to operate within the individual parameters of each client.
Bagrii says: “Even a well-designed trading strategy can fail, which is why I decided to think outside of the box to find out how best to minimise risks, and in turn losses. This process brought me to the discovery and then development of this unique trading strategy that will change the rules of the game in the financial markets.
“Not to be confused with the classic understanding of ‘Deposit Insurance’, which as we know, has proven to be complete utopia, we can finally offer our partners orders insurance, which to now, has been simply a dream for market participants. Our team has now completed live testing with partner operations and strong results have been achieved using this strategy. In all cases traders’ losses have been minimised and overall profits increased.
“Orders insurance is now a reality and B Trading is ready to work with larger London-based financial organisations which will gain the greatest benefits given their large trading turnover and the consequent size of potential daily losses.”
B Trading says its approach is very versatile and can be used in the forex market, stock market and commodity markets, as well as being useful to other financial organisations that are engaged in trading such as banks, investment funds, hedge funds, and management groups – with each partnership structure being built specifically to the individual requirements of each company. 

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