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Banque Safdie launches largest 100% Latin American fund of funds

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Banque Safdié has launched the Safdie Latam Fund, its first fund of hedge funds focused entirely on Latin America.

Banque Safdié has launched the Safdie Latam Fund, its first fund of hedge funds focused entirely on Latin America.

The new fund aims to provide the most reliable and profitable opportunities for investors who understand the value of emerging markets like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The critical difference between the Safdié Latam Fund and global hedge funds is the geographic focus.

‘With the Safdie Latam Fund, Banque Safdie positions itself as a point of reference for the market and continues to pioneer the best and most advanced investment opportunities for its clients by accelerating and crystallizing investments on Latin American Hedge Funds,’ says Ricardo Simone Pereira, Director of Multi Bank DTVM in Brazil. ‘This is a fund of funds 100% focused on Latin America. Banque Safdie has leveraged its market knowledge and expertise to select the best and most qualified fund managers with a proven track record in Latin America.

‘We are impressed by the fast demand for the Fund coming from clients worldwide. It is now the largest Fund of Hedge Funds dedicated to Latin America, with more than USD 60 million in assets. We should reach US$ 80 Million by the end of this month. The expectations for the region’s growth seem excellent. Latin America and the commodities cycle are a valid theme for most global portfolios.’

The Safdie Fund is currently formed by 11 funds, 82% from Brazil, 4% from Argentina and 14% all Latam. Banque Safdie’s immediate goal is to increase this number up to 20 funds, aiming to produce consistent, high risk-adjusted returns and a double-digit annualized target return with 5% to 8% volatility.

Brazil represents 95% of the total Latin American Hedge Funds market, in a region which has evidenced a very attractive growth potential and positive returns, particularly when Hedge Funds are not generating considerable returns in other markets like the US or Europe.

According to Banque Safdié’s top analysts, the Brazilian market enjoys economic conditions that promote investment in specific types of financial instruments: ‘The strength of the Brazilian currency creates an excellent investment scenario for the Safdie Latam Fund, macroeconomic conditions have been consistent, the return on Brazilian securities is expected to be around 10% in USD, interest rates will slowly come down from high levels and inflation should continue to be contained,’ explains Simone, who managed the research for the Safdie Latam Fund. ‘These factors, along with good liquidity conditions, are sustaining capital flows directed to portfolio’s and foreign direct investments.’

Banque Safdié leverages its local presence and expertise in Latin America to source, analyze and monitor the best Latin American Hedge Fund managers with a very comprehensive due diligence process.

Banque Safdié employs a disciplined and systematic 4 stage research-driven procedure, which has been carefully refined over the last decade, in managing funds of hedge funds portfolios and accounts. These phases include manager sourcing & screening, due diligence, monitoring and risk management, and portfolio construction.

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