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BoardEx launches service for quant funds

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BoardEx has launched three services aimed at improving the performance of quant funds, banks, law firms and consulting firms.

They are a quant data feed containing management changes and relationships; a competitive tracking service for banks and law firms; and a mobile app.
“We have a number of key clients that we work with regularly to innovate around identifying and tracking connections for business development,” says Michael Crosby, president of BoardEx. “There isn’t another service out there that can do what BoardEx can do.”
The new Competitor Network release enables the tracking of competitive firms. Users can quickly identify which of their competitors are connected to client contacts and their companies.
Users can monitor individuals who work for a competitor and uncover their connections to organisations in over 130 countries. Competitive tracking goes beyond an individual’s current employment, tracking people that used to work for a competitive firm as well as people that have been involved in a deal with them.
The new quant data feed has over 50 fields of data and proprietary network details for senior management and board members globally. Data details include organisation affiliation, role changes, time spent in roles, size of management teams and network influence. 
The BoardEx App allows customers to track their most important executive contacts right on their phone. When a contact changes roles, users are alerted, identifying new business opportunities and connections. Available for Android via Google Play and for iPhone via the App Store on iTunes, the app allows users to quickly access the world’s largest network of executive board members.

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