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Cayman in Focus 2023

Cayman in Focus 2023

Cayman in Focus 2023

Through a combination of smart and effective regulation, a reliable common law judicial system and high quality service providers, the Cayman Islands has built a robust eco-system which has driven its success as a domicile for alternative investments. This report outlines the recent developments in the jurisdiction, discussing changes in regulation, the rise in independent director appointments and the growing use of technology to drive further innovation.

The 'Cayman in Focus 2023' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

If you’re a regular HedgeWeek reader, you probably already know that the Cayman Islands is the world’s number one domicile for alternative investment funds. At Cayman Finance, it’s our job to help ensure it stays that way.   
James Rasteh, founding partner of Coast Capital, had a compelling choice of jurisdictions when he made the decision to relocate from the United States to earlier this year. But there was no doubt in his mind the Cayman Islands had more to offer than any other location he considered.
The year 2022 saw unprecedented level of sanctions imposed on Russia, as well as new and expanded sanctions controls targeting old foes like China and Iran. While the fund sector has become accustomed to the new normal, a new dawn of economic controls looms on the horizon.  
In 2017 the Cayman Islands’ Foundation Companies Act came into force. The act permits a new type of The Act introduced what was then a new type of company which bolsters the jurisdiction’s offering of versatile special purpose vehicles which has potential application in a wide range of structures and scenarios
Technology has fundamentally shifted the landscape of the investment industry and, as players in the Cayman Islands embrace this progress, the adoption of these innovations is bringing with it a plethora of benefits.
A shift in economic conditions which are more conducive to new fund formations will also help support growth in the industry. Butler notes the jurisdiction is already starting to see new fund launches taking place during the first quarter of 2023.

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