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Commodity hedge funds continue building momentum in 2014

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Commodity funds, as represented by the Newedge Commodity Trading Index, were the best performers in the firm’s suite of hedge fund indices in June, finishing the month up 0.63 per cent.

The Newedge Trading Index continues to build on 2014 gains, leading the Newedge Index performance year-to-date with a return of 3.55 per cent.
The Commodity Equity sub-index extends the positive performance achieved in 2013 and is up 4.85 per cent year-to-date with a return of 1.62 per cent for the month of June.
James Skeggs, global head of advisory group alternative investment solutions at Newedge says: “The Newedge Commodity Trading Index has had its best performance since 2012 so far this year and many managers are positive about the opportunities in the near future. As a result, we have seen a pickup of investors reconsidering investing in commodities.”
The Newedge Macro Trading Index exhibited slightly negative performance in June, ending the first half of the year with a decline of 1.35 per cent. The Macro Quantitative sub-index leads the positive performance of the index with a return of 0.66 per cent in June and 3.37 per cent year-to-date.
“The relatively low levels of volatility in the market have resulted in a tough first half of the year for the Newedge Volatility Trading Index, declining -0.25 per cent in June and bringing the performance for the year down to -1.50 per cent,” says Skeggs.

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