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Hector McNeil, WisdomTree

RDR aids ETF growth in the UK

The Retail Distribution Review has aided the recent rapid growth in ETF usage in the UK says Hector McNeil (pictured), Co-CEO, WisdomTree Europe. "Increasingly with the move to fee-based models, the alignment of the wealth adviser and investors is more

Arnaud Llinas, Lyxor Asset Management

Pioneer ETF firm offers essential range

In terms of ETF assets under management, Lyxor Asset Management is in the top three in Europe, with USD54 billion in assets in ETFs, behind iShares and Deutsche Bank. Arnaud Llinas (pictured), Head of ETFs and Indexing at Lyxor Asset

Nitesh Shah, ETF Securities

Asserting fundamentals over sentiment

By Nitesh Shah (pictured), ETF Securities – The commodity cycle is turning. Excess supply is being cut back across a broad range of commodities. While it will take time to reduce surplus stock, the trend is now set in the

Fannie Wurtz, Amundi

Investing smart with buyback ETFs

By Fannie Wurtz, Amundi – The development of Smart Beta solutions has become a major field of innovation in the ETF industry: the wide range of both mono and multi-strategy ETFs allows investors to benefit from a broad choice of

Andrew Walsh, UBS

Currency hedged ETFs boom under Swiss care

Swiss bank UBS, headquartered in Zurich has been offering ETFs for some time across continental Europe but it was only in the last few years that they entered the UK market from which point their business has been gaining strong

Koei Imai, Nikko Asset Management

Abenomics invigorates Japanese ETFs

There are convincing signs, including the recent 18-year high of the Nikkei share index, that Abenomics is reinvigorating the world's third largest economy. The Japanese ETF industry too has enjoyed tremendous growth under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic reforms and

ETF usage by wealth managers in the UK is on the rise

Boutique asset managers favour ETFs was one of the findings of a recent survey conducted by research firm TABB Group for software company SunGard. Some 48 per cent saw ETFs as an area of significant demand from investors, with many

ETF assets overtake hedge fund assets

ETFGI reports that the second quarter has seen assets invested in the global ETF/ETP industry finally beat the assets under management in the hedge fund industry. Deborah Fuhr says: “According to our analysis there was USD2.971 trillion invested in the

Picture of a trading screen

Saba CEFS finds yield in deep discounts

Saba Capital Management, the New York based USD1.4 billion hedge fund, has recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its first foray into ETFs, with CEFS, its ETF based on closed-end funds. Leah Jordan, Vice President at Saba Capital, explains that

Donnie Kim, Kryptoin

Kryptoin launches first crypto ETF

The first crypto blockchain ETF to be listed on digital exchanges by Kryptoin ETF Systems, is on its way, having launched its Blockchain 10 Index in November of last year.  Kryptoin CEO Donnie Kim (pictured) explains that the Kryptoin Cryptocurrency


06 June, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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