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In conversation: Anthony Lawler, CEO and CIO of Cadwyn Capital

Ahead of next week’s European Emerging Managers Summit, Hedgeweek spoke with Anthony Lawler, CEO and CIO at Cadwyn Capital, and the former head of GAM Systematic, about the outlook facing smaller managers in the higher-for-longer environment, and also his views

Trend following: The outlook for CTA and systematic investing

October 2023 | How are managed futures and systematic strategies performing – and what are they focused on going forward in an era of rapid technological change and innovation? Hedgeweek’s ‘Trend following’ Insights report offers a data-led update on the

Regulatory roadmap: The hedge fund compliance landscape in 2024

From the SEC’s proposed changes to its Private Fund Adviser Rules, to T+1 settlements and, in Europe, AIFMD II, hedge fund compliance professionals face a rising tide of regulation – and need support. Hedgeweek’s ‘Regulatory Roadmap’ Insights report offers a


08 February, 2024 – 6:00 pm

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